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Check out who stole the spotlight for September Featured FAM – Iconic! Know more about them below 

Who is the FAM Master?”


“Who are the Officers?”

4hr, chizu, citronnade, kharlo, luyizi, mrrk, patwick, polita, riokhen, roanne

“Who are the Members?”

8hr, Alisteir, Almira, EXO, Lisa, Marcial, QuEen, Raji, Raspberry, Rika, Yutian, amari, caysea, chifu, eishie, ionn, kaolin, mak, maku, patrice, rencel, saex, sig

Tell us your FAM Background/History”

It is not just an ordinary Fam in virtual world, This group of People is building Community by creating a sense of togetherness and making a lot of Memories that you can throwback everytime you heard the word ICONIC.

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