• All players level 1 and above


  • 9th November 2023 – 30th November 2023 23:59 (GMT +8)


  • Players would need to check in on the 21 Days login event ingame and claim after 30-40 mins the daily rewards upon attendance.
  • To get the final rewards, players must login 30 rounds/ games in any mode each day from November 9 – 29, 2023 and 100 rounds on 30th November 2023 13:00 (GMT+8) – 30th November 2023 23:59 (GMT+8)
  • Rounds are counted from 00:00 – 23:59 (GMT+8) each day.
  • Must gain EXP and/or DEN in each round.
  • All rounds that are done at the watch slots, battle party, story mode, wedding, love party and level license are not counted.
  • Special Reward Set will be inserted manually within 7-14 working days (excluding holidays and weekends).
  • This event is subject to change without prior notice.

Date and TimeDayReward
9th November 2023Day 17D Ghost Magician
10th November 2023Day 27D ANL Main Dancer Hairstyle
11th November 2023Day 37D Staff of Heart
12th November 2023Day 47D Tribe Totem DJ
13thNovember 2023Day 57D ANL Main Dancer Top
14thNovember 2023Day 67D Chocolate Wing Rear Effect
15th November 2023Day 77D Hadoukeeeen
16th November  2023Day 87D ANL Main Dancer Bottom
17th November 2023Day 97D Im inlove!
18th November 2023Day 107D Gold Bar Platform
19th November 2023Day 117D ANL Main Dancer Shoes
20th November 2023Day 127D Pink/Blue Cute Seal
21st November 2023Day 137D Scary Black Bear
22nd November 20239Day 147D Tatz/Phaister Pocky Face
23rd November 2023Day 157D Cute Puppeh Guitar
24th November 2023Day 167D Love Heart Flowerpot
25th November 2023Day 177D Violet Silky Butterfly Wings
26th November 2023Day 187D Audition Bubble Tea Deck
27th November 2023Day 197D Chocolate Wing Rear Effect
28th November 2023Day 207D Matrix
29th November 2023Day 2130D Muffin Couple Style
30th November 2023 Special RewardsIndefinite Set

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