Heya Audistas!

Embrace the Zesty Summer Vibes: Pre-Order Your Exclusive Set Now!

As the temperatures rise and the sun casts its golden rays upon the land, it’s time to usher in a season of vibrant energy and zesty summer fun!

Patch 204 is almost here, and we want to give you a sneak peek of our Black Label Season 8 set

Promo runs from 11th March 2024 to 13th March 2024 11:59PM (GMT +8)

Preordered item code expiry: 20th March 2024, 11:59 PM (GMT +8)


Get 20 % off when you pre-order the whole set!


2x Zesty Summer Accessory

1x Black Label Season 8 Set (Hair, dress/top/bottom, shoes)

Get 10 % off when you pre-order only the accessory and dress/top/bottom.


2x Zesty Summer Accessory

1x Black Label Season 8 Set (Dress/top/bottom only)

Disclaimer: Pre-order item codes will be claimable on March 14 at 4:00PM GMT+8 after the patch to avoid disconnection issues

Black Label Season 8 Exclusive Motion

Black Label Season 8 Dressing Room Effect

Pre-order Milestone

Milestone Progress

Option 1: 72
Option 2: 65
Updated: March 12, 2024, 6:00PM (GMT +8)

Milestone Mechanics

1. Players must pre-order and purchase the Black Label Pre-Order set to be eligible in the rewards.

2. The system will track the number of the Black Label purchase every 24 hours.

3. Once the number of purchasers for a tier is met, all pre-order participants will receive the Black Label Icon.

4. Black Label Icon reward will be manually inserted on the eligible players after 10 – 14 working days.

5. If the preorder set was purchased by another account, the account that will be used to claim the code will not receive the milestone icon reward.