Kindly take note that the game service will be down on the 27th of February 2020 from 6AM-onwards for a server maintenance. For more details about the patch update, check out the details below.

I. Game Updates

Love Attendance

  1. Once the love attendance book is purchased from the shop,it is added on the left-upperside of couple garden.

2. Click the mini-board to open attendance check(pop-up).

  • The heart button fully charged status at 00:00 o’clock.
  • If it is already completely charged, it will keep the fully charged status.
  • If the heart is recharged completely,it will be flickering.
  • When couple clicks the button, the heart will go into the heart bottle and then it will change to ‘Charging’status.
  • The left side button is for male and the right side button is for female.
  • Players can see how many hearts they collected with the heart image and the number in the middle.
  • Players can click the message box and write message.
  • Both man and woman can leave the message and need to click check’ button to save it.
  • Emoticon can be used as text.

3. Observers can only see the mini board but cannot click it.

Rewards are given whenever a player gathers certain amount of hearts.

New Couple Garden Seeds

New Avatar Items



New Accessory

New Mascot Avatar Items



Town Decoration

II. Bug Update

  • Night 4 and Night 8 Team Mode are already fixed.

III. Events

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Happy Dancing, Audistas!