Game Lobby

1Shopping MallUsers can purchase clothing, accessories or any items that can boost their in-game experience
2Buddy BoardIn-game forum
3Club Station/Fam OfficeYou can open or join a FAM to meet new friends in Audition.
4Dancing HallIt is a place where you can enjoy a game with friends.
5RankingYou can check the ranking of various competitions, individual and couple in Audition.
6Photo StudioYou can take a family photo here.
7Audition StudioYou can check the keynote and dance.
8Couple GardenFor couples only. This is where you can grow and harvest flowers.
9ExitYou can move to server and channel selection.

Dancing Hall’s Waiting Area

1Displays the currently created game rooms.
2You can create rooms with different game modes.
3This will direct you to the random waiting game rooms.
4You can select and view a saved replay.
5This is where you can check your character information.
6Shows the channel.
7You can send a message to the current channel or to all channels using a bulletin shout.
8You can check the received message details.
9This is the messenger function where you can check the details of your buddies.
10List of the users currently in the channel.
11Chats that are available for each tab.
12You can view your couple ring details.
13You can view your couple character details.
14You can use this matching card to see if there are users that are match with yours.
15This is where you can view the other in-game features like Mascot and Gift box.