1. Log in to the Item Shop and choose the type of ID you want to log into the system.

LINK: https://bit.ly/ANL-ItemShop

Reminder: Please take note that Audition Next Level only have 2 login types, PlayID and Facebook.

2. On the right side of the website, you need to log in to the PlayMall to top-up.

Reminder!: Do not convert your top-up points! Otherwise it will be credited on your account and you cannot purchase on the Item Shop.

3. Select the product you want to buy, then click Add to Cart.

4. Check the ordered products.

5. Check the amount to be paid.

6. Click check item. The system will display an item code to be added to the game.

7. If you do not receive the item code, click Purchase History and click I have a problem when I buy something and I don’t receive the item code.

Redemption Site: https://bit.ly/ANLRedemptionSite

Happy Shopping!