Premium Gacha has been developed to provide an exciting and enjoyable experience for everyone! Welcome the premium features that offer a whole new level of excitement in opening and winning gacha like never before!

How to Purchase Diamonds to Play the Premium Gacha

  1. Topup on your PlayPark account on PlayMall. You can go to this link too! PlayMall : ระบบ Wallet ใหม่ by Playpark

2. After you top up your desired amount, don’t convert your cash to Audition Next Level PlayMall. Click the Premium Gacha Logo to purchase Gacha Diamonds instead!

3. Choose your desired number of diamonds! Gacha diamonds automatically detects your account’s currency!

How to Play the Premium Gacha

1. Log in to the Premium Gacha system using this Link:https://secure2.playpark.com/PremiumGacha/Gamelist.aspx

2 Click on the game: Audition Next Level

3.To proceed with the gacha, click the image banner.

4. Once logged in, you will be able to see the available Premium Gacha option, along with their respective time duration.

5. By clicking on “Item List” under the Common Gacha and Golden Gacha section, it will display the details of the rewards, arranged in tiers from highest to lowest as follows:

6. Clicking on the Premium Gacha cabinet will display three options for randomization:

Single Draw = 35 Diamonds
Draw x5 = 175 Diamonds
Draw x10 = 350 Diamonds

*You can check also the rewards in the cabinet by clicking the “Rewards list” button.

*For more information about the Gacha event, you can click the “Activity Details” button.

7. Upon clicking the draw button, a confirmation window will appear showing the number of draw and diamonds required. Press “Confirm” to proceed with the draw.
Note: Once the “Confirm” button is pressed, the transaction cannot be cancelled, and refunds are not available.

8. After performing the draw, the obtained item will be displayed. By clicking “Open All,” a window will appear, allowing you to click on the inventory to view the details of the received items.

9. You can check the items that you have successfully drawn on the storage tab. If you want to view the Item Code, click on “View Item Code” and then confirm. The Item Code will be displayed, and you can copy it to use for redemption in our redemption page.

10. If you want to check the received items, you can use the filtering and search functions. Under different categories and item types, you can export the file, use the Item Codes, and verify the item codes.


GUARANTEED: The Guaranteed Point count will be displayed at the bottom-left corner.

If a player fails to obtain a Legendary-tier item in the specified number of rounds, during a guaranteed round, they will be guaranteed to receive a Legendary item.

If a player receives a Legendary item before reaching the required Guaranteed Points, the Guaranteed Point count will be reset to 0.


Golden Gacha is a special gacha cabinet that can be accessed once you have completed 11 spins in the Premium Gacha. Upon reaching this milestone, you will be able to do 1 Golden Gacha spin (the number of spins required may be subject to change). The item selection in Golden Gacha will differ from the regular gacha cabinets, and like Premium Gacha, using Golden Gacha will also incur a cost.

Here’s how to access and use the Golden Gacha:

  1. You must first complete 100 spins in the Premium Gacha.
  2. Click on the “Golden Gacha” button to switch to the Golden Gacha.

3. You can check your eligibility to spin the Gacha in the “Golden Gacha” section, as shown in the image below.


  • 1 Golden Ticket (to get this, you must first complete 100 spins in the Premium Gacha)
  • 500 Diamond

Note: Number of requirements (e.g: diamonds, spins, etch) indicated the photos are for examples only and are subjected to change.


Will the items on Premium Gacha will be placed on spend promo or webshop in the future? NO! The Gacha items are rare type items and will not be placed on sale in the future.

Will you get multiple number of same items on Gacha? Yes!

What is the duration of the items on the Gachapon? 7D, 30D & Indefinite

Will the Gacha items be released again on the future in Gacha? Depends upon the rarity of the item!

Why do I always get durational items? Gacha gives the items randomly and depends if you are really lucky.