March GM Challenge

Save the dates, Audistas!

GM In-Game Events every Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Check out our events this March!


  • Level 5 and above

General Rules:

  • Players may only win once per event.
  • Players caught cheating or behaving inappropriately will be penalized as the GM Facilitators deem fit.
  • Disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC/Internet Issues) will lead to the disqualification.
  • Participants must follow the rules set forth by the GM Facilitator.
  • The decisions of the GM Facilitators and officials are all FINAL.

Reward Redemption:

Follow Me!

Every Monday, 5PM GMT +8

Reward: 7 Days Music Holic

Game Settings:

  • Mode: One Two Party – Easy
  • Song: Random Music


  • Player with highest score will be the winner.

Crazy Team

Every Wednesday, 5PM GMT +8

Reward: 30 Days Astrology DJ

Game Settings:

  • Team Battle – Crazy Choreography 4 direction
  • Song: Random Music
  • Chance: Perfect


  • Players with the highest Team score wins the round.

Bad Day

Every Friday, 8PM GMT +8

Reward: 30 Days Shuffle Dance Motion

Game Settings:

  • Mode: Freestyle Battle
  • Song: Random Music 100~120


  • Player with the highest number of “Bad” will be the winner

Sweet Saturday

Every Saturday, 8PM GMT +8

Reward: 30 Days Pastel Pink Knickers Style Set

Game Settings:

  • Mode: Club dance II – 4k
  • Song: Random Music ~100


  • Players who will be the crowned as “Best Couples” will be the winner.

Battle Party Madness

Every Sunday, 8PM GMT +8

Reward: 30 Days Party Animal Mark

Game Settings:

  • Mode: Expert Choreography
  • Song: 140 BPM – Doo Doop


  • Players who will be able to beat the NPC will be the winners.

February month-end promo

It’s game time! Get this exclusive free ANL Yellow Gamepad for every minimum in-game purchase of 50,000. 

🎮 So, are you up for another game? 


The Top 14 luxurious and generous players for the month of February will be rewarded.


This event is open to all players of Audition Next Level players


February 1-29, 2020

Event Mechanics:

A total amount of purchase and gifting in the item mall, couple garden and mascot salon will be counted during the event period. Each month, the Top 14 highest spenders will get special rewards.

Participants must only purchase on the item category below:
Shopping Mall – Face, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments
Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Pet, Accessory, Mark, Ring, Couple Certificate, Couple Item, Couple Room
Couple Garden – Seeds, Accessory, Management/Care Items, Items
Mascot Salon – Mascot, Hair, Upper Garment, Under Garment, Shoes, Set

Prizes (Updated as of March 26, 2020)

Top 1 – 3

  • Indefinite Pioneer Fashion Set
  • 30 Days Diamond Mark *Added*
  • 30 Days Platinum Mark *Added*

Top 4 – 6

  • Indefinite Pioneer Fashion Set
  • 30 Days Gold Mark *Added*
  • 30 Days Platinum Mark *Added*

Top 7 – 9

  • Indefinite Pioneer Fashion Set
  • 30 Days Silver Mark *Added*
  • 30 Days Platinum Mark *Added*

Top 10 – 14

  • Indefinite Pioneer Fashion Set
  • 30 Days Bronze Mark *Added*
  • 30 Days Platinum Mark *Added*

[Patch Update] Love Hearts Festival 2


Kindly take note that the game service will be down on the 27th of February 2020 from 6AM-onwards for a server maintenance. For more details about the patch update, check out the details below.

I. Game Updates

Love Attendance

  1. Once the love attendance book is purchased from the shop,it is added on the left-upperside of couple garden.

2. Click the mini-board to open attendance check(pop-up).

  • The heart button fully charged status at 00:00 o’clock.
  • If it is already completely charged, it will keep the fully charged status.
  • If the heart is recharged completely,it will be flickering.
  • When couple clicks the button, the heart will go into the heart bottle and then it will change to ‘Charging’status.
  • The left side button is for male and the right side button is for female.
  • Players can see how many hearts they collected with the heart image and the number in the middle.
  • Players can click the message box and write message.
  • Both man and woman can leave the message and need to click check’ button to save it.
  • Emoticon can be used as text.

3. Observers can only see the mini board but cannot click it.

Rewards are given whenever a player gathers certain amount of hearts.

New Couple Garden Seeds

New Avatar Items



New Accessory

New Mascot Avatar Items



Town Decoration

II. Bug Update

  • Night 4 and Night 8 Team Mode are already fixed.

III. Events

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow-ups at

Happy Dancing, Audistas!

Game Fest 2020 Kickoff


Join the fun and exciting activities of PlayPark Game Fest 2020 Kickoff on March 1, 2020 at SM North Edsa The Annex Cyberzone Area. Get ready and invite your friends, grab some door prize or join the Game Fest bundle

*Event runs at 3:00 PM onwards.*

I. Door Prize

♥ Flower Dream Set- Female
♥ Happy Bear Beige Set – Male

II. Game Fest Bundle


Get FREE EXCLUSIVE ITEM OF CHOICE! Just avail PlayPark Load at the event area worth of:

  • 500
  • 800
  • 1000
  • 1800
  • 3000


  • Playpark Prepaid Card must be purchased at the event area to be qualified for the promo.
  • Playpark Prepaid Card must be topped-up and converted to Audition Next Level at the event area to get the exclusive free items.
  • Purchase made must be validated by Playpark Staff before choosing which exclusive items to get.

Wedding Day

Have you guys already decided on the date for your wedding day? Why not choose every 8th of the month?

Couples will be receiving an Indefinite ANL Rose Wedding Set for female and ANL Red Wedding Suit for males! You will get these items for FREE!

Insertion: All rewards will be inserted within 7 to 14 working days after each event.

Insertion Duration: within 7 To 14 Working Days