[Patch 0060 Notes] Two-Hands Mode


In this patch, we welcome the latest mode, Two-Hands Mode, together with the latest avatar items, new songs and summer town decoration. Hurry up and check out the details below:

I. Game Updates

Two-Hands Mode

Find the latest mode at Normal category section. Where you can also play the latest songs.

You can change the key settings of the latest mode by click the key setting button at the bottom. Just don’t forget to save it!

Practice your Two-Hands skills at key settings

New Songs

Avatar Items

Town Decoration

II. Bugs

  • Deleted emoticons UI at the FAM description settings.

Help us make Audition Next Level a better place by reporting bugs, issues and event rewards follow ups at PlayPark iBox.

III. Events

100 Games with Two Hands Mode

Don’t want to practice alone? Play with your friends with the latest mode and get 90 Days ANL SNS Day DJ!

Ongoing Events

Event 1 – Artist Battle

Event Duration: 16th March 2020 – 31st March 2020


  • Play any songs by BTS or TWICE
  • The artist with the most plays wins!
  • Get exclusive rewards depending on the winning team!
  • Everyone who played any of the winning artist’s song with 30 games will be rewarded! (E.g. 30 games with BTS, 30 games with TWICE)


BTS Winning Team – 90 Days Morpheus Wings

TWICE Winning Team- 90 Days iLeAna’s Wings

*Rewards will be inserted within 15 days after the event duration.*

Event 2 – Dance Challenge

Event duration: 16th March 2020 – 31st March 2020


  • Players need to play any songs/modes every day to get the game count.
  • Each player must reach 1000 round count in order to receive the rewards.


  • Indefinite Autumn Love

*Rewards will be inserted within 15 days after the event duration.*

Happy Dancing Audista’s!

[Patch Update] Love Hearts Festival 3


Kindly take note that the game service will be down on the 12th of March 2020 from 6AM-onwards for a server maintenance. For more details about the patch update, check out the details below.

Game Updates

New Fashion Mall Items

New Couple Shop Items

AuditionSEA Fashion Mall Items

30% Discount Item Sale

Audition Next Level Tournament Rules

These rules will apply to any kind of tournament hosted and sponsored by Audition Next Level

These rules also applied to the persons who will participate (including the players, staff and officials).


  • Chapter 1. Tournament Outline
  • Chapter 2. Conduct Guideline
  • Chapter 3. Tournament and Game Regulation
  • Chapter 4. Competitor Qualification
  • Chapter 5. Discipline
  • Chapter 6. Management Authority


Audition Next Level Tournament Guideline

Chapter 1 Tournament Outline

  • The Event Facilitators must be involved in any decisions for the Competition.
  • All competitors must comply with the Event Facilitator’s request during the tournament. If they do not follow, it is considered a violation.
  • Any Audition Next Level tournament will be proceeded with following regulation.
  • Any contents that are not included with the below regulation, will follow up as for the decision of the Event Facilitators.

Chapter 2 Conduct Guideline

  • All competitors must always respect other competitors and Event Facilitators and must always comply with the action guidelines set forth in the Rules.
  • Any Audition Next Level tournament will be proceeded with following regulation.

Chapter 3 Tournament and Game Regulation

Part 1.

  • During the tournament, the version which is served on current Live Server will be used.
  • For the preceding tournament, each competitor will be advised by the Event Facilitators if they will use their own account or a tournament account.
  • Players must enter the game room where the competition takes place within set time, and if they fail to enter, they will be automatically disqualified.
  • The music which be used in any kind of tournament hosted and sponsored by Audition Next Level will be “Audition Artist” songs only.

Part 2. Team Battle – Scoring

  • All scores in any kind of team battles will be based on the Team’s Total Score.
  • Highest total team score will be considered as the winner for that game/round.

Part 3. Individual Battle – Scoring

  • At the end of each round, the points and scores are recorded and the best points are taken to the next round.
  • If the points are equal, the top scorers will advance to the next round through the sum of the scores.
  • Each tournament will be set by different Game Settings. Game Settings will be posted before the tournament.

Part 4. Player Responsibility

  • All competitors must use the equipment provided by the organizer except headset and earphones.
  • When a competitor uses their personal headset or earphone, all settings must be handled by themselves. If the personal equipment which they brought has a problem, it’s not possible to be helped by other people. Problems caused by this will be the player’s responsibility. It will not affect the results of the competition.
  • Setup period before the actual match is 5 minutes ONLY.
  • Players who fail to take advantage of the 5 minute setup time must begin playing with whatever configuration and character setup they are left with. No time extension for the setup will be given.
  • GM will create the room, room name, game mode and songs to be played for the Tournament and. Participants must follow the Tournament Official’s instructions on the on-ground.
  • Technical issues encountered during the event will be assessed by the Officials. Only major technical problems will merit game suspension and/or restart at the discretion of the officials.
    • ISP Connection
    • Power Interruption in the area
    • Game Server Issues
  • Participants are not allowed to abandon their terminals without the official’s approval and will be disqualified and not eligible to claim any prizes from the tournament.
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • Participants must follow the rules interpretations and guidelines set forth by the tournament officials. The decision of the tournament officials IS FINAL.

Part 5. Disqualification Rules

  • External programs related to unauthorized games, except for the ‘Audition Next Level’ client installed on the competition-going PC, if an illegal or unauthorized program is used or detected after installation, the player’s qualification shall be disqualified and cannot join any kind of tournament hosted and sponsored by Audition Next Level.
  • If you fail to arrive at the venue on your scheduled match, the present competitor will be declared as the automatic winner.
  • In case of unfair play and match-fixing, violation of social norms, and violation of a prohibition against progress.
  • If any action is detected that interferes with other competitors’ progress or participation in the competition.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the disqualification of the team.
  • Playpark Inc. has the right to hold and not to give all prizes of disqualified teams.
  • PlayPark Inc. and/or Game Fest 2020 officials shall reserve the right to suspend, ban, and/or punish a player or clan without prior notice for any violation as they deem necessary in any kind of tournament hosted and sponsored by Audition Next Level.

Chapter 4 Competitor Qualification

  • All players must comply with the following regulation and Audition Next Level Game Policy.
  • Any amendments to the “Regulations” during the “Tournament” process will also apply in conjunction with each other.

Part 1. Prohibited unfair play and match-fixing

  • Hacking and abuse
    • The act of forging, tampering with, and altering the competition client without the express permission of the “operating team” and the company.
    • Violation of the ‘Audition operation policy
    • The act of using bugs to abuse from “Operation Team” prohibiting.
  • Substituted Game
    • The act of attending a competition with an account of other people and playing to benefit.
    • The act of directing, persuading, suggest to perform.
  • Cheating
    • The act of using of fraudulent devices, unauthorized software, and hardware
    • The act is approved by the “operation team” as a violation of the basic conduct that must be observed in order to ensure fair play.

Part 2. Social Convention

The following acts are against social conventional wisdom and may be penalized at the discretion of the Event Facilitator.

  • Language
    • When using slang, swear words, etc. which are not acceptable to society
    • When using language that are disparages, threatens, insults, slander, libel, and offends others.
  • Distribution
    • Unauthorized reproduction, distribution and dissemination of comments by social media, streaming services, and other means of distribution to other participants or members of the public.
  • Violent Act
    • When direct violence against the opponent, the crowd, the public, or the threat posed by violent gestures.
    • To insult, ridicule, antagonize, or incite against, opponents, spectators, the masses and Event Facilitators/PlayPark Staffs.

Part 3. Disturbance

  • Competitors shall not obstruct the use and installation of various equipment for broadcasting and competition, or shall not commit acts that may be at risk of damage, or may impose disciplinary action on such activities.
  • Competitors are not always able to cover their faces so that the management can identify them, and the management can demand that they remove or remove clothing that interferes with the identification of each competitor.

Part 4. Sportsmanship

  • Responsibility of complying to the Regulation
    • All competitors participating in the competition must comply with the “Tournament Rules” and each “Regulation” which be set to participate in “Tournament”.
    • Penalties are given on those who violate or attempt to violate these “Regulations”.
  • Taunting and discrimination
    • All should not do anything that could damage the dignity and reputation of the other users attending the competition.
    • There should be no derogatory, discriminated, discriminated against, derogatory, derogatory or contentious remarks or arguments for any reason on topics such as race, color, ethnicity, origin, country, gender, language, termination, politics, etc.
  • Sexual harassment
    • If people feels sexually offensive or insulting through social conventional wisdom and ethics, or actions that go against the law, it can be considered sexual harassment and is subject to heavy disciplinary action.
    • If it’s serious, the additional legal measure could be taken by the Event Facilitator.
  • Criminal acts of every species
    • People should not act in violation of social laws.
    • All competitors participating in the competition must not agree to propose, conspire or attempt to manipulate the results of the competition by means prohibited by law or “Regulations” in any case.
    • To ensure smooth “competition” operation, it’s not allowed that the external secrets provided by the “operating team” are disclosed to the public, or take advantage of this to reap undue profits.

Chapter 5 Discipline

Part 1. Discipline Grounds

  • All competitors participating in the competition should be disciplined which is related with violation of these rules, violation of the audition operation policy, and violation of the laws of the region or attempting to commit an offence is subject to disciplinary action.
  • The type and level of disciplinary action can be set at discretion, based on reasonable judgment by the management.
  • Competitors may be held legally responsible for the reasons they are being disciplined.

Part 2. Discipline Division

The discipline which is given to the player is divided as below.

  • Warning will be given to the following actions during the competition.
    • In case of changing set PC environment of tournament at random
    • In case of not complying with request or direct of on-site staff.
    • In case of external chat execution and disparaging acts such as slang or sexual harassment against the other person during a competition
    • In case of unnecessary action in the proceedings of the competition according to the management team’s judgment.
  • If 3 warnings accumulates during the competition, the competitor will be disqualified.

Chapter 6 Management Authority

  • The management has the authority to select all the competition venues and participants.
  • The management team has the authority to determine all matters of concern during the competition and judgement all raised objections.
  • All final decisions relating to the interpretation of these Regulations, the qualification of competitors, the schedule of competitions and penalties for misconduct may be acted in accordance with the impartial and reasonable judgment of the management.
  • The management may revise, alter or reinforce these regulations from time to time to maintain the fairness and honesty of the competition and, if the contents are modified, inform them as soon as possible.
  • The management has the right to collect and use all records and other data related to the competition, and the competitor fully cooperates with the management’s demands for this.

Audition SpookTober Patch Part 1



Get ready to lose control and enjoy our latest update! Check it out below! 

Game Updates

October 10, 2019 Update

  • Avatar Items
  • New Mascot Items
  • Outlet Items Update
  • Halloween Avatars
  • Audition Town Deco


Game Fixed/Changes Updates

  • Beat Up Songs are already fixed
  • 30% Items sale is already removed


New Audition Town Deco



New Avatar Items



New Mascot Items



New Outlet Items


Manual Patch





Patcher:  Download  *New*



Manual PatchFile SizeDownload Link
PATCH 203229.58 MBDownload *NEW*
Patch 201-202119.65 MBDownload
PATCH 197-198210.13 MBDownload
PATCH 194 – 195126.41 MBDownload
PATCH 192 – 193124.43 MBDownload
PATCH 190 – 191140.47 MBDownload
PATCH 183 – 189332.69 MBDownload
PATCH 18323.65 MBDownload
PATCH 181169.07 MBDownload
PATCH 181 – 182169.05 MBDownload
PATCH 18048.37 MBDownload
Patch 175108.19 MBDownload
Patch 175-179 108.23 MBDownload
Patch 175-178 108.20 MBDownload
Patch 17444.93 MBDownload
Patch 17398.64MBDownload
Patch 16942MBDownload
Patch 1683.7MBDownload
Patch 166-167123MBDownload
Patch 16536MBDownload
Patch 164137.02 MBDownload
Patch 14692.10 MBDownload
Patch 14529.07 MBDownload
Patch 14484.96 MBDownload
Patch 14381.63 MBDownload
Patch 142145.78 MBDownload
Patch 14177.33 MBDownload
Patch 140107MBDownload
Patch 13996.17MBDownload
Patch 1384.15MBDownload
Patch 137121MBDownload
Patch 1361.76MBDownload
Patch 133, 134 and 135103MBDownload
Patch 132113MBDownload
Patch 13116MBDownload
Patch 128, 129 and 130121MBDownload
Patch 127110MBDownload